Kinder Garten & Primary

Kinder Garten & Primary

Education is one of the most important things in our life and at PAS Kuwait we are committed to nurturing the imaginations and minds of each child.

PAS in the early years gives students a strong foundation for their future by encouraging positive social interactions, helping student to become independent thinkers, and cultivating curiosity through inquiry. This approach creates an atmosphere that fosters a true love of learning. It is sure to be an exciting time for you and your child as you witness a tremendous amount of academic growth and global awareness. You will see your child blossom into a confident learner.

The dedication of staff, students, and parents is what makes our school exceptional. Legacy of success is established by learning through experiences, cultivating curiosity through inquiry, and providing rigorous programs.

In Primary Section our teachers use research based practices to implement the most effective instruction and make decisions that reflect the best interests of the students. We believe that teachers lead with love, patience, and understanding. We also believe learning should be meaningful and applicable to real life, and that when children are truly engaged in learning they are self-directed and motivated to strive for excellence each and every day. It’s important to us that our students are prepared to be thinkers, so they are productive global citizens.

The relationships between families and the school are vital to the success of our students, so we celebrate our parent and community partnerships. The KG & Primary School environment is congenial where courtesy and kindness prevail.