Middle & High School

Middle & High School

In the Middle School we strive to provide a rigorous and balanced program for students during the important years, as student leave elementary school and enter high school. The Middle School consists of Grades 5 through 8.

Students have the opportunity to take different classes with different teachers. Our teachers come from all over the world and are experts in their subject areas as well as in helping young adults develop the skills needed to be successful in High School and beyond. In the Middle School we aim to care for your children by supporting their intellectual, emotional, and academic growth in the world-class learning environment. We encourage students to participate in the many athletic and academic extra-curricular offered after school. These activities help students develop the skills needed to excel academically and live a health and balanced life.

Our High School encompasses grades 9-12. Our exceptional faculty and support staff, gathered from around the world, encourage students to develop to their fullest potential; challenge each to excel academically; contribute to our diverse and global learning environment; and develop students’ personal attributes and interests. Our team believes wholeheartedly in the development of the whole child and understands its importance throughout adolescence and in preparation for post high school studies and adulthood beyond. Upon graduation, our students proudly enter into many of the world’s most respected and top-rated universities, poised to be contributors and difference-makers in their world.

The High School Foundation ( Grade 9) offers a wide array of courses which allow students to obtain a solid foundation in core academic subjects, then focus their interests in preparation for future career paths as well as continue to explore and expand their interests in other complimentary areas. Academic rigor comes through critical thinking and problem-solving, evaluation and innovation. Many of our assessments provide students opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and skills within real-world contexts and in preparation for identifying and solving current and future world issues.

While high school students are expected to take an ever-increasing responsibility for their learning, parents are also encouraged to maintain their involvement in their child’s education and in preparation for university. We also encourage parents to participate in our parent-student-teacher conferences in order to provide the best possible learner support at home.